Jerusalem 2007

For May and June 2007 I studied at the BYU Jerusalem Center. We traveled throughout Israel, Egypt and Jordan during our studies. Here are some pictures from my trip.


The Dome of the Rock in the background. You can also see the Old City wall. This is the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.
Me and the Sphinx had a moment together. Here is one of the pyramids. They were HUGE!
The sunset over the Sea of Galilee. My hotel room had this view. St. Peter's fish that is supposed to only come from the Sea of Galilee.
We crawled through some caves throughout the trip. These were the smallest ones though! It was a tight fit, but I made it!
Can you tell how high the water went in Hezekiah's tunnels? The Bahai Gardens were beautiful in Haifa.
Michelle and I. The Mediterranean Sea is in the background. It was a very strange sensation to swim in the Dead Sea.
The official Temple from Indiana Jones in Petra. There were temples all over in Petra. I was so surprised.
After riding a donkey up 800 steps, we reached this huge monastery! At an ancient Roman city we went to a show. Then the gladiators took pictures with us.
This is the church dedicated to Mary in Nazareth. This is the church at the Mount of Beatitudes.
This is the Garden of Gethsemane. This is inside the Church of the Nativity. This is supposed to be the site where Christ was born.
This is Brother Whitchurch and his wife. They were our professors that we were always with. My last sunrise in Jerusalem. This is taken from the Center.