Mary's European Business Study Abroad

I went on a Brigham Young University Study abroad the Spring of 2006.  It was a ton of fun and it went to seven countries in Europe:
France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Czech Republic. It was an amazing experience, and here are some pictures from the trip.

Disneyland Paris was a ton of fun! (Scott, Matt, Parley, Me)

The World Cup was going on while we were in Berlin . . . here are some of the festivities at it.

The Berlin Wall still runs through the entire city, and I am standing on both sides of it.

Bethany and I with the Charles Bridge in the background. Prague was really beautiful!

This is possibly my favorite picture in the Swiss Alps. We stayed in  Lauterbrunnen.

The huge fountain in Lake Geneva . . . I thought this was a fun picture!

In Poland we toured the Salt Mines. Scott wanted to make sure it really was salt.

We also visited Auschwitz while we were in Poland. This is one of the many camps.

Cody, Mitch and I got seats in the first row to the Blue Man Group while we were in London!

Me, Aubrey, Kate, and Lauren relaxed one Sunday in Hyde Park.

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