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Sao Paulo Study Abroad
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I returned from my mission 12/21/00.  After winter semester at BYU (thanks  to the efforts of my sister Jenny) I returned to Brazil with a BYU study abroad group to study grammar, culture, & Brazilian history. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done!!  Thanks Jenny for getting me signed up!  The group was a blast and we made some serious memories... 
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Vanessa (one of our professors) and I at an Italian dinner - yeah, Italian food in Brazil -never thought I would eat Italian there.

Kathy, my roommate and great amiga, and I in front of the Cristo in Rio.  We had so much fun together, we could probably write a book about the trip together!


DISCO INSTITUTE!!  Great friends and partners in fun - Jeffy, Kathy, Chad, Laura and Richard.

In front of a church in Minas Gerais - we saw SO many churches that it is practically impossible to keep them all straight (now as well as on the test...).  Richard, Laura, Jeff and Kathy

Visiting the best area in Brazil - Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais!

Kathy was the official dancing maniac and just as she was about to infest me with the dancing bug, I had a tragic accident.  She is confident that she can make me a dancing lover when we are back at school - if it means we can go back to Brazil I just might convert!


There were only four girls on the trip - Laura, Kathy, Becky and April (they went for quality, not quantity and they got it!).  When we visited Foz de Iguacu we went on a boat tour and were all soaked by the wateralls- what a lovely picture!

These waterfalls were truely breathtaking - it was really impressive and unforgettable!  Richard, Kathy, Laura and Jeff.



Visiting Sugar Loaf - that was a super fun day!  Laura, Drew, Chad, Richard and Jeff in front.


Soaking wet - I think it is a mean trick that they sell you these ponchos when you are going to get completely wet anyways.  Oh well - it was worth it!!