Smoky Mtn. Trip- June 2005

We had a great opportunity to take a weekend trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina.  We spent the night in Cherokee, drove on Saturday through the Mountains to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  After hiking and taking an "automobile hike" tour, we perused through the shops in town and went miniature golfing.  The next day, we drove to Asheville, TN and saw the Biltmore Estates.  All in all, a quick but awesome adventure!

We hiked to a place called Grotto Falls.  It's about 2.5 miles and beautiful!   A quiet moment discovering a stream.
Annie enjoyed the view from behind on a backpack .  What a hiker!   On the way back, Annie's strength gave out and she crashed for a few minutes.
Grotto Falls, finally!   The water is very cold and so is the air!
Ann was very pleased to check off one of her "To Do's"-- hike the Appalachians.   When it was overcast, you could see why they called them the Smokies-- fog!
Atop Newfound Gap, we were at one of the highest points in the Appalachians.   Our first hiking adventure-- of many to come!
The mountains were beautiful...much different than the ones we're used to.   We also made it to the Biltmore Estate...George Vanderbilt's home!
This mansion is the largest private residence in the United States!   Cheerful as always!
"Annie the Explorer" had a LOT of fun doing just that-- Exploring!   "Annie the Sleeper" had a LOT of time in the car to catch some Zzzzs.
Annie got a new hat and quickly learned how to create the cutest poses with it!  

I'm too cool for my hat!


Who had the most fun?  Grandma had the most fun!