Rio de Janeiro     
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Rio is a very intriguing place - the mountains that pop up so close to the water give it a look that is really impressive!  The city was built around these mountains and is PACKED full of people.  We had quite an adventure while we were there with study abroad (dancing, swimming with jeans on, "faked" sprained ankles, no air conditioning on our bus...), and Dad and I went back to see it all again!  It was another fun part of the trip (so much fun stuff on this trip!).  We ate in one of the best Churrascos ever while we were there and made friends with a lawyer who said we can stay with them next time - SWEET! 
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Dad and Laura at the Cristo - it really was huge and provided a great view of the city.


With the mountains popping up everywhere, the beach really looked beautiful!  Look how crowded it is, even in the middle of their winter.

Dad looking outside of our hotel room.


  Dad, not quite ready to swim, but getting there....

  Dad and I had a really fun time together - it was such a fun trip!  The only way it could have been better would have been to have also had Mom there- but now that is just my reason to go back, Mom HAS to see it!  Don't you think so Dad?

Here is the city again - LOTS of people there.


We were on Sugar Loaf as the sun went down - it was really beautiful.