Tallulah Falls, N. Ga. - Nov. 6

 Picnic Lunch at Chattahoochee State Park - it was a gorgeous fall day! [note from Minnesota webmaster - it was either "fall" or Nov 6th, but NOT both]
We packed up Saturday morning and went exploring all day long.  We were pretty close to North and South Carolina all day and had a super time.  We started with a picnic lunch and then continued on our way.  Annie was a great sport about it - she didn't mind the long car ride and was fascinated by everything around her.

Yum yum, lunch is served!  We ate down by the river   Daddy's little girl! 
Annie and Robert had some fun on the swing at the park    

Hiking at Tallulah Falls
Once we got in the State Park, about two hours north of our house, we hiked to different view points to see different parts of the waterfalls in the gorge.  After we had seen the falls from up above, we decided to venture down to the suspension bridge to get a closer view.  The hike down was kinda crazy, but Annie slept through it all.  While I am very impressed that Robert didn't break a sweat, she wasn't impressed at all!  :)

[2nd webmaster note: to see Laura at the REAL waterfalls, click here.]   When we finally made it to the stairs, I was surprised at how steep they were - go Daddy go!
Almost to the bottom....   See the bridge in the background?
The water was a rumbling!  They had actually released a bunch of water from the dam earlier that day and we saw kayakers roughing the waters...    

The German City of Alpine Helen
We took the scenic route home, and passed through Alpine Helen - a little German town that looked like a ton of fun!  We didn't have a lot of time there, but we will definitely be going back soon.  So come down for a visit  and we can take you there....

It was a busy little town and the streets were very busy with shoppers all over   They had all sorts of German stores there - everything from candle making to coo-coo-clocks
Lots of German restaurants   This was a hotel called, Hotel Heidi - cute!
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