Returning to my Mission
Divinopolis, Itauna, & Tres Coracoes  

Three Excellent areas...  

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Six months after my release, my Dad and I returned to three of the areas that I served in and also visited a couple of other cities in the state (Ouro Preto).  We were able to visit many of the people that I was so blessed to work with. The outpouring of love, kindness, and generosity was truly overwhelming.  This return visit turned out to be one of the most special experiences for me, and one that I will treasure in my heart always.  I love these people!   Here are a couple pictures to remember the fun we had
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The Evangelista family and I at a FHE they had planned - what special people and what fun we had!

Anna and I looking at a Temple magazine.


 The Bishop's family - great people! The always fed us lunch - every Monday in Divinopolis.

 I have never in my life eaten a meal as good as this one!  Djanira and Arnete went all out and prepared a feast to top all feasts.  The food was supurb!!

Silmara's baby Gabriel - super cute!


Hey there!  At the FHE.

Thumbs up gente!! 


Cristina is waiting for her mission call - these people are the best and it was so fun to see every one of them.

 Luciene, Aline, Dyane and Adriano's cousin - beautiful girls.

I LOVE this family!  Some of the best examples of faith and hard work in my mission.  (Hallana, Sandra, and Donizette.)



            Me and Ines.

Dad and I visited Ouro Preto - what a cool place!

The only bummer about Ouro Preto is that if you buy a souvineer, it will be made of Soap stone and will weigh a TON.  Be sure to visit Ouro Preto LAST!  Thank goodness my Dad is so buff or we never would have made it home.