Foz do Iguacu
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This was one of the most incredible and breathtaking things that I have ever seen in my life!!  The falls seem to extend forever - at least all along the boarder of Brazil and Argentina. We were lucky enough to see them from both sides, go on a boat cruise (where you can see that my Dad got soaked), and went on little tractors through the jungle.  It really was beautiful and I never got sick of looking at them.  One of the highlights of the park are the butterflies - too bad they aren't easier to capture on film!  We saw some really cool ones.  One of the pieces of the falls is where Robert DiNero climbed up in the 1986 movie "The Mission" (he was penitent as a reformed slave trader).  When can I go back?  Please Dad!!

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The falls were really incredible - I will have to go back one day.

Not only were the falls amazing, but the wildlife was once again really cool.


It was really beautiful there - I think tourists must take an average of 3 rolls of pictures there.  Everyone was picture happy!

The falls are on the boarder of Brazil and Argentina - about 20% of it is in Brazil and the other 80% are in Argentina.  Both sides are sweet - this was the Argentine side.  We visited both sides but stayed the night in Argentina.  Yeah, it was fun to try and speak the Spanish that I learned and have forgotten.  Thank goodness they understand Portuguese there!


There were some serious waves to get over to get close to the falls, and believe me, without the same safety rules that we have in the United States, we got CLOSE. 

Photographer Wilson catches Dad UNDER the waterfall - it was a wild ride!


Rainbows by the falls - it just added to its awesome appearance.