Unforgettable Moments with the Family

I love my family!  Not only is my immediate family the best, but the extended family is also loads of fun.  I will get more pictures up here shortly - we have a family reunion coming up this summer.  There are also more pictures on my Mom's page which are good to look at.

The cousin crew out at BYU this last semester - we were just missing Blair in this picture.  Our family dinners were some of the most fun activities (thanks to Jenny's cooking).

Lisa and Dad dance at Allison and Matt's wedding.  Cute picture!

Jonathan returns home from Peru!


Blair and Mackenzie as Mary and Joseph at our annual Christmas Nativity.

While these guys are wearing the halo's, I am not sure they are the real angels of the group....

The shepards in our family are the "tough" guys - right Michael?

Never were there cuter sheep..