Allison & Matt's Wedding Day
July 21, 2001

The bride was beautiful, the couple was glowing, and the party was spectacular!  Allison and Matt's wedding will not soon be forgotten...  These pictures are from the big day and the week before.  Click on them to see a larger version and feel free to print them off (on your black and white printer or with color).

Allison and I before the wedding - she looked beautiful!

The wedding party  - we took millions of pictures.  Hopefully they will all turn out great!

Amy and I getting the veil and tiara ready.


Allison and her bridesmaids. L to R - Amy, Heather, Sara, Allison, Mackenzie, Molly, Laura and Allison's niece Alissa, as a junior bridesmaid.

Allison kept getting stuff all over her dress, we had to protect her before the wedding.  That dressing room was a wild place...

Looks like we got in on straight.        

Waiting for the wedding to start.

Sarah did an excellent job with my hair!


Melvin and I making our GRAND entrance - to bad no one got the twirling on tape.

Allison and the groomsmen.


With the bride at the reception - it was a blast!!


Dancing at the party after the wedding.


The wedding party in the
church at the rehearsal.






The Groom's Dinner the night before the wedding was at Buca's - yummy!  Too bad we all ate tons of garlic and probably had stinky breath the next day. OH well, it was worth it!

Mackenzie, Luke and Laura at dinner.


The week before the wedding we had one last "girls night out" at my house - we had a great time!  The night was complete with swimming, hot tubbing, "Father of the Bride", and other random fun (like chocolate stuff - right girls?).

We have been friends since elementary school - we are going on 20 years of friendship!  HOLY COW!  Amy, Molly and I.