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Okay, enough with the cold and illness. Time for a new posting!  Here are the kids and Dad doing their favorite thing... Peter has clearly entered into the "two" phase - it is always a bundle of fun and laughs with him around.
Building cool things with his bristle blocks...okay, I think Dad helped him here Cute kids!
They boys - just hanging out We think Adam is so cute, but it looks like he had had enough of the party.
Pushing sleds across the frozen lake.  Their favorite hiding place is under our bed and it is funny just how quiet they can stay when they are hiding there...
BRRRRRR!!!  Is this weather really necessary?  When it hits 30 this weekend we will definitely be ready for shorts!  :)  The past week has been bone chilling cold - fabulous for curling up by the fire, hot chocolate, throwing boiling water in the air and watching it freeze before your eyes, etc, etc, etc.  Do you want to come visit?  Hey - at least it is sunny out!

Annie and her cute cousin Will!

Annie loves coloring, drawing, "writing", and here she is working in her workbook Peter, doing anything Annie is doing :)
Check out this balancing act...it melted down until it was the skinniest snowman on the block. Now the highs are in the subzero range and the remains of this snowman are not going anywhere. Playing Candyland at Jenny's
We love our Tinker Toys! Decorating cookies
This year's Mary and Joseph And Parker, starring as the donkey
"All done!" At the family's annual cookie exchange - this year there were some seriously fantastic cookies!
This is what all sledding should be like.  Peter being pulled with Jane and Tristy behind.
They loved Mary's gift!  :)

Winter Wonderland

Everyone on the sled!! The three amigos - yeah for cousin bonding! :)
David and Eliza had us down  - it was FUN!
Tis the time of year to get bundled up
Annie is part girl, part snow person. 

The BIG question - Do Peter and Annie look alike?  I don't know... what do you think?

Annie as a newborn

Annie with Open eyes at about a month old

Peter in the hospital...

Peter at about 3 weeks...

Some more of the girls there, looks like Annie was hanging out with the older girls for a minute - I hear that Annie was happy that she and Mackie were both wearing purple fleece.  Too bad the group picture didn't turn out!

                       Annie: Born May 19th, 2004 - 8:45 pm - 9 lb 7 oz - 22"

                        Peter: Born March 24th, 2006 - 6:01 pm - 10 lb 6 oz - 22"


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