Early 2007 Fun~


 Stroller, stroller stroller!!

New overalls!  Same bear.

Sleeping like a baby.....

Oops - the flash kinda woke him up

Our preschool Valentine's Day party

Annie and her preschool buddies in the snow cave

Peter is already learning to be studious :)

What a cute kid!

Check out the static electricity!  Nice hair Peter

For those of you who have always wondered how we keep little kids warm during our coldest months....

They happened to find our stash of bottles - who could have guessed it would have kept them entertained for so long?

When the Cat's away, the mice will play....and play hard they did

"Hey, look at what Dad gave me!"

"Oh boy!  This is good stuff!  Why doesn't mom ever give me this stuff?"

"Mmmmmmm....this was definitely worth the effort!

"And Dad wondered why he had to change 4 poopy diapers the next day...:)  He thinks it is cause of the veggies Mom fed me but I think we know better..."  At least Dad documented it

How to build a snow cave...

Robert came home a bit early from work and he and Annie headed right outside to get playing in the snow.  I went out a bit later and they had shoveled what snow we had in the yard into one big pile...

Annie did her fair share of shoveling - she LOVES the snow though and didn't mind it one bit.

They took a quick break for a fast dinner and went back to work.  It is a few hours later and they are still out there but they have made one cool masterpiece!  Annie put the snow decorations along the side of the entrance - that was her idea.  She can stand in it and I think the whole family will have a picnic in there tomorrow

The two in their cave....

I don't think she has ever been so happy (or wet and cold)  :)  She was quoted as saying, "I want to stay in here forever!  I want to make a bed...Dad, I will make you food."

The older the two of them get, the more and more they play together - it is great!

This kitchen has provided HOURS of fun - Annie and Peter love it, but Mom and Dad just might love it more 

Peter loves climbing around under the table.  I suppose you could say he keeps it clean under there :)

Annie loves Pooh and when Mary found this big bear and offered to let Annie sleep with it, she was in heaven.  Before bed we went in to check on her and found her looking like this.  She loves this guy!  If you look closely you can see her little face under Pooh's head.

Annie has pretty much given up her afternoon nap - bummer.  However, she is still pretty good at going upstairs and reading/playing quietly for a while.  When I went up there today she said, "Mom, we are having school" - I guess so


Annie and Tristy thought it was great to load the stairs up with lots of toys.  Sure kept them happy for a while.

New Year's Day sledding - we were so happy it snowed!

Annie was fearless - she took to the hill herself. Getting back up it, however, was a different story :)

Cousin Brianna pulled Annie on the roads over to the hill

The girls had a great time with Randy

The Paul/Brad group who showed up to sled

"Faster!" -  Annie would declare that she would "win" the race - nice!

Annie and Tristy racing

Mary and Annie went down the hill and ran over a mouse - it jumped out of the snow and started running - Here you see Sarah chasing it - it was definitely a new sledding experience

"My first Christmas gift, what do I do??!!!"

Cute new clothes for church - thanks Grandma Ruth!

Eating dinner on Christmas eve.

Peter got a Christmas haircut - he had a lot of hair and it was thrilling trying to cut it!  :)

Annie took part of her new game and had fun with Mom's hair.  Who knew that Dad and Annie had so many hair skills?

Merry Christmas!  Click Wreath for a Special Holiday Message!

December 21st...can't believe it took this long!

Most adorable picture ever...

Everything was so beautiful...  Peter eyes the snow warily....

...for good reason...Wipe-out!!  He thought snow was just okay...  :)

First snow of the year and she's eager to go out....so's he!

No one told her to do this, she just remembered from last winter...

Two very cute gals!

Annie's new friend...with a sarong?

Annie is coloring in the lines!  So disciplined!!

Annie, Peter and their buddies at a Christmas party (Tyler, Matthias, and Makenna)

Poor guy, forced to play with his sister's toys

Ta-Da!  The mouse in real life!

Lots of princesses to be seen

Peter loved the water!

These two built a very cool castle

Brianna, Tristan and Annie being welcomed onto the boat

The Flying Dutchman (from Pirates of the Caribbean) was ship wrecked on their island

Annie loves Pooh! 

Annie, Mary and Jane trying to keep warm on a rather cool night

Can kids even get cuter?

Sleeping away!