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Happy Halloween!

Our own little Alice in Wonderland and cute Pumpkin It took a little warming up, but Annie eventually really got into it.
What a cute boy!!! Annie and Peter with some neighborhood friends.

Fun with Justin!
Robert's brother Justin in in town visiting - we have been BUSY!

Peter was not too sure how he liked the whole pumpkin thing...
We are LOVING fall!  Look at these happy kids
I know there are a lot of the same pictures but I guess I am trying to make up for a lack of pictures lately.
Peter sporting the hat that was brought to him
Annie loves blocks - LOVES them.  She put this one together on her own At Robert's office Halloween Party - she loves the bee more than the other ones
Apple picking at the orchard

Highlights from a fantastic Utah/Yellowstone trip
A couple of weeks ago we went to Utah and had a wonderful time with Robert's family as well as visiting our alma mater and cheering them to a victory homecoming game, meeting a brand new nephew, and driving up to Yellowstone.  It was fabulous and very busy!  The only downfall came after we were home and Robert had gone back to work.  I kept hearing, "I want Daddy!"   :)

We loved Yellowstone!  We hiked, we saw, we took pictures and can't wait to return. Family shot at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
One day Grandpa said, "I have this unexplained neck ache.  It is so weird..."  I looked at him and said "Grandpa, you keep lugging around a 40 pound girl - that should explain it!"  Annie LOVED it! We had perfect timing with Old Faithful - we walked up and less than 10 minutes later it erupted.
Peter in his pack - it was a life saver
We were able to spend a lot of time with all of Robert's family.  We had dinners and get togethers with cousins, his brothers and sister and her husband came and stayed the weekend and the kids loved having that many aunts and uncles at their fingertips. Artist Annie with Ellen
One afternoon spent at the rec center - complete with waterslide and lazy river. Annie teaching David how to make really yummy cookies - good job David!
Welcome to the world Will!  He is such a cute little thing! Peter was Will's biggest fan - he LOVED the kid!
As we were leaving the game it started getting rainy - the boys keeping dry There is something about returning to BYU that I love - we had a great time at the game and the kids had a good time too.  Talk about a beautiful location for a stadium!  Lots of good memories here...

A Visit to Mitchell, SD - Home of the Corn Palace
Last week Molly and I drove 5 hours with three kids in the back seat to visit our good friend Amy.  The kids did fabulously in the car and we had a BLAST visiting the Kahl's.  The kids played super well together and it was fun to just be Mommies together.  I am super bummed the picture in front of the corn palace didn't turn out - what a bummer!  Anyway, here are some fun ones from the trip.

Annie and Peter with the Kahl's - Tyler and Kenna are two months younger than Annie and Peter - they made for great play mates All of us in front of the Falls - we picnicked and had a good time
This wagon provided hours of entertainment
I think it looks like Luke has a crush on Annie in this picture.  Look at him staring at her :) I hope these two understand they will be hanging out lots in the future...
Friday night we went on a campout with some friends - it was so fun!  I have known these girls since we were little, little girls and now, with many kids in tow, the camping trip was a blast!  I think we all hope to make it an annual thing...
Here is a family picture during dinner - we love foil dinners! Some of the group getting meals ready. 
Running around the camp site The girls on the trip - Annie and Kenna
Matt led the kids in some fun sporting events. The picture is of terrible quality, but it captures what was so fun about the trip!  With everyone living "fairly" close to where we grew up we still see each other often, however, we don't get together with the kids and Dad's all in one place that much.  It was so fun to see them playing so well together!  Here they are, tackling Matt
And the munchkins eating s'mores After the kids went to bed we cooked up a very tasty blueberry cobbler in the Dutch Oven - can't wait to eat that again soon!
And here they are eating breakfast - happy but looking a bit tired from deciding to get up so early.  Where are the pancakes?
On the way home - nothing like a camping trip to exhaust you!

Labor Day Party
Every year our ward has a big Labor day party at one of the nearby lakes - someone roasts us a pig, there are volley ball games, always a football game, a playground to play on and LOTS of water fun on the beach and in boats (depending on the weather - this year the weather was hot, hot, hot!).  The kids had a great time on the beach.  Before the party Robert and I took the kids on a bike ride and road around this lake - it was quite a ride with all that weight!  It was a great day though - a perfect way to say goodbye to summer.

None of us actually ate much of the pig, but here we are picnicking Robert spent literally hours building sand castles and lakes and all sorts of fun things with the kids
I think this was Peter's first real exposure to the fun sand offers - he loved it.  Notice the sand on his face - he really got into it! Dig, dig, dig!
There were lots of kids playing on the beach.  A lot of  kids (young and old) were out on wave runners, tubing, out on boats and even a sail boat, but these little girls (and Peter) had fun on the beach!  Busy kids!
Annie relaxing at the picnic - I love this picture, I think it is so funny And here are a couple of random ones for you.  He REALLY got into the chalk drawing on the driveway.  In fact, he rolled all over it.  I guess you could say the art is "on" him :)
This boy will sleep anywhere!  Here he was, out helping Dad trim the yard.  I promise he gets enough sleep!  He just loves sneaking naps to try and ruin nap time And another one!  I went to cut up the peach and he took a little snoozer

The State Fair - The Great Minnesota Get Together

We LOVE the state fair!  Here are some token pictures because words cannot do justice to the fun we have there.  It was a SUPER year at the fair - the kids loved it, we ate too much, and had a lot of fun.  Oh and the weather was beyond perfect

Roasted Corn on the cob - you can't visit the fair and NOT eat it!  It was one of Annie's favorite parts - she said she dreamed about the corn that night.  This year we went to the fair with my parents and two of my sisters - Jenny and Mary. Another tradition - the Giant Slide.  It was FUN!  The kids were lucky as there were many people wanting to take them on it...
And here is Peter loosing his hat with the speed
Another fun time - along with the corn this was Annie's other favorite part Peter had a little too much fun - contact me for more details :)
Another thing we love - visiting the animals.  Annie, however, did not like the noise the chickens, roosters and ducks were making Peter was SO pleased with himself whenever he could get someone to take him out of the stroller and carry him
Cotton Candy - a must for some - I can't stand the stuff... I just thought this was cute.  Peter loves his Dad's shoulders
For some odd reason we love visiting the tractors and taking pictures on them - here is a token picture I think this sums it all up - we had a super time and slept well that night

Daddy/Daughter Campout
Our Ward just had their annual "Daddy/Daughter Campout and Canoe trip".  I loved going when I was a girl and Annie seems to really love it too!  Here are some fun pictures from the event.  They went to Taylors Falls to camp and maybe next year Robert and Annie can canoe too.

Getting ready in the tent
Fun with her cousins - I love this picture! Getting the tent set up
Annie learning to take pictures It looked like a pretty camp site - they were lucky to have really great weather.  It has been SUPER wet here lately, but they had a perfect night to camp
Cooking dinner

Oliver, Kristen and Clara came to MN for a week long visit - we had a great time with them!!  Clara is a doll and it was fabulous to meet her and spend some time hanging out and getting caught up.  Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures, hopefully Oliver can make up for it...but we did have a great time - we walked to the park, ate lots of great food, had a cousin party, played some games, etc, etc, etc

Hugs for Clara!
I don't know what it is, but I think the way Peter sleeps is hilarious - at 17 months he already seems to be getting quite big for the crib Our little swimmer in training
Peter swimming with Aunt Mary Annie and Dad

Oh summer time!

Warming up (I don't know why, it was quite hot if you ask me) after running through the sprinkler - they were cute and it was fun!  I even joined in and I haven't done that in a long time
We love corn! And there is just something about buying it at the Farmers market that makes me happy :) Ready to eat!
We have been busy, busy, busy lately!  This past weekend all of my family was in town and we had a great time!  We managed to get a new family picture (which I will have to post some time soon) and take some pictures on the boat, but besides that we didn't pull the camera out much.  Anyway - it was great fun!  Hope you are having a great summer....
The "big girls" out on the tubes together.  Mary, Brianna, Jane, Annie, Sarah and Tristan.  They were wild women!  ;) Annie turned into a tubing lover - it was great!
Man we love the lake!! And I just loved this one!  Peter loves sleeping with his knees tucked under him - it is too cute!

Company Party
Last night we went to Robert's company party and it was a blast!  They had a million things set up for kids, food for all, bands playing, a petting zoo and reptile garden, face painting, all the Go-Gurt we could eat (among other things) and ended with a very impressive display of fireworks.  The kids, especially Annie, loved it!

Annie running around the hay maze I think the highlight for both of them was the train ride they got to go on
Clapping hands - a sure sign of a good time Annie and Dad on one of the many blow up toys
At the bottom of a different slide Peter loved the first 10 minutes of the fireworks show
Annie has a love/hate relationship with fireworks.  She loves the colors and big ones, but hates the noise.  This picture must have caught her looking at a big one as her finger has got to be pointing at something A random Annie/Peter shot - I think she was teaching him how to open doors.  Lucky me
We went for a long bike ride this morning and picked up Mary on the way (I don't think I could have pulled those cute 60 pounds home myself).  Peter loves the bike trailer and points to it every time we pass it in the garage.  Annie also enjoys it.  This morning we went about 7 miles. This is exactly how they looked when we pulled into our house after the ride.  Peter was happily sleeping and Annie was ready for swimming lessons.  Hum, as I looked at the site there are a lot of pictures of Peter sleeping and I momentarily wondered "why?"  Then I thought "Oh yeah, it's because he feels like he should get up with the sunshine..."  Wish we could convince him otherwise!
Annie could stay on the tube all day if we let her Peter was happy to wave at anyone who was being pulled behind the boat - it was cute!
Feeding Grandma grapes Getting ready to leave shore
It was 95 degrees and swimming felt great!  Especially after all the time we spent painting the fence... Peter cuddling up with Grandpa

Quick Camping Trip
This weekend we decided to take a quick overnight camping trip - it was fun!

Annie in her sleeping bag Breakfast is served!
Peter waking up from his nap - he is a little cuddler
Annie is the biggest camper of the whole family
And we wonder where Annie gets her love of s'mores ... ;)
Peter helping Dad water the lawn
At dinner, we looked over and Peter was zonked! This is what you call totally exhausted after a fun, fun, fun weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's.


Wedding Weekend In Wisconsin
This weekend we left the kids at Grandma's (a first for us) and spent two days at a wilderness resort in WI for a wedding of a long time friend of Laura's.  The weekend was a lot of fun...we hope to make it back there sometime soon

Woohoo!  Vacation at Last!  A look out our "cottage" Did you know I got the rowing merit badge?
We really had a good time~ Lots of laughing and memories.  Laura has known some of these girls since elementary school - they still get together regularly

The First Boat Outing of the Season
We were lucky enough to go out with Grandma and Grandpa on the boat to get it broken in for the season.  It was fabulous!  I really wanted to ski but was a bit hesitant because it was cloudy and as Jenny so kindly reminded me, "Just think, the lake was frozen about two months ago".  I ended up venturing in right before a rainstorm  started (and the water was chilly)and it was worth it - talk about fun!

Annie was SO excited to be on the boat Peter wasn't too fond of the life jacket but liked helping Grandpa out
 Here's my contribution to the post:  Can't believe I missed all the fun while I was sitting in the office!  - Robert

2nd Annual Memorial Day Cousin Campout- Devil's Lake, WI
This year for the Cousin Campout we went to WI and had a blast!  (Before I forget - this is a shout out to all cousins - 1st, 2nd, 3rd or whatever cousin you are, if you want to join in on the Wilson Campout next year, drop me an email - it is worth the drive) The weekend was full of hiking, eating, hiking, more eating, and a little sleep.  We love this tradition!  The group picture will soon be posted - Robert and I, Paul and Sarah, and Jenny were there all weekend.  Lindsay and Josh came up Saturday for the weekend and Blair and Julie made it Sunday - Monday.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected.  We had some fun in the Dell's today and can't wait to pick a spot for next year!

Annie was a s'more lover from the start
The brave hikers
In exchange for a chin massage Sarah agreed to carry Peter
The start of our intense, "difficult" hike on Saturday.  I am super glad we did it (the scenery was great) but I am still recovering
SUPER DAD!  Why couldn't he carry Mom too?
At the birthday bash The caterpillar cake I created  - being a Mom takes every ounce of creativity that I have (and I don't have much..)- I LOVE IT!
Peter knew who to go to to get his cake and ice cream.... Annie loved spending time in Grandma and Grandpa's camping trailer - we brought over books and read in there and ate picnic lunches - too bad they can't keep it on their driveway forever!  I think she could live there
Peter finally lovin' the sprinkler It was a perfect 80+ degree day for the girls to be out running around.  They are sporting the suits that Sarah and I made
"Just let me outta here!"  This kid LOVES being outside My first attempt at mowing with Peter in the backpack - talk about a workout!
Robert's parents came to visit and we had a BLAST!!!  The week was filled with fun.  We are sad they had to leave.  I will have to post these pictures quickly - more organization later.  I will also have to post pictures of our home improvement project later that we did while they were here - it rocked!!  Here they are with the kids at the Arboretum A side note - Peter has this pointer finger that is hilarious!  He loves pointing at things
Can anyone read a map????
Fun with Dad - what cute boys! Stop tickling me!!
The family ready for church...a couple of minutes early even :) Peter and his tool box...not sure what he wants to fix
Peter is young but he has already figured out that nothing beats a good book. If there is a book and a lap - Peter is all over it!
Robert's "Kung-Fu Fighter"    'You shall not PASS!'
Grandpa and the girls had a blast! Sweet hair dude!
Peter and Great Grandma Ruth
Happy Easter!


And what would an Easter Egg hunt be without DDR?  Hum...probably just like a normal Egg hunt :)  Anyway, Peter found DDR very thrilling
After the hunt Grandma and Grandpa had a picnic inside (since the weather here wasn't really very "springy") and it was super fun!  Grandpa helped the girls cook hot dogs over the fire Everyone eating a picnic dinner together
Peter and Great Grandpa bonding Peter and Great Grandma June bonding (yeah, she gives him pretty good stuff to nibble on :))
Annie, Tristan and Brianna love having stories read to them Grunkle (Dale's nickname - "Great Uncle" mushed together) and the girls enjoyed more stories Easter Day

Easter Egg Decorating

Annie was quite excited by it all Grandma and Peter were having their own party on the other side of the table
Talk about concentration! However, they were always able to make time to smile and take a picture

Happy 1st Birthday!

Check out the totally cute duck cake!  The local grocery store provides them free for first birthdays - it was nice! And a cake just for Peter....
With weather in the 60's this weekend we took the kids to the neighborhood park - it was a hit with both of them
Annie is getting really good at riding her trike - it is impressive!

Tallest snowman we will likely ever build!

Two little snow angels!

First you need a massive snow storm.  Second, you need someone with the energy to move a lot of snow.  If you have those two ingredients you can then start shoveling (or hopefully snow-blowing) the snow into piles in your backyard.

By the end of the day the piles looked like this.  Yup!  A three bedroom snow cave - pretty impressive in real life