2006 Fun~

Our little pumpkin patch Cousins trick or treating...
Who is more excited about the candy?  Dad, or Annie? GO COUGARS!!

Peter Video



(not huge)

Fall Family Outing on Saturday Evening Can you imagine the rosy cheeks this winter?!

Peter has mastered sitting up Two sibs who love each other
Robert experimenting with our pictures More fun with the camera
First time to fly a kite! She caught on quickly!
At Apple Jack's Orchard, we had a great weekend. Annie did her fair share of picking the best apples.
Peter graduates to the backpack.... Robert climbed the top of the tree to get the best apples....with Peter!
Rollin, rollin, rollin... Hiding out...
Monkeying around! Sleeping on the bike ride home...
State Fair Slide! State Fair Corn!
State Fair Tractors!
Ready to swim!!  Okay. maybe just ready to crawl... :) We had so much fun at the water park!  Annie didn't want to go home
Good Morning! What a cute kid - his toes are his newest favorite thing
Oatmeal is her newest favorite thing - she wants it for breakfast, lunch and dinner We also had a great time on some rides at the Mall of America - we scored big when we won a free pass!
Grandma and Annie having fun Talk about dizzy!  It was a fun time
Annie, the future trucker? ....NOT And the favorite of the day - she laughed her head off on this one


An outing to the park for FHE!  Peter's first backpack ride...he likes it!
Sure is lighter with him!! Fzztbzzzzyoww!!
Annie on the Daddy-daughter trip... On the St. Croix River...
Pancakes and sausage for breakfast Two's company...
Checking email
Peter is growing into a big young man!

Annie's new Crocs are adorable!


  1st Annual Memorial Day Camping Trip

The group at Grand Marais Annie- all business for breakfast
Peter's swaddle bed Great campsite, great fire!
Hiking was a breeze for Annie All of us at Lake Superior
The 3 Amigos
Annie reads to Peter- So we know they're friends...

Peter definitely smiles now!

Annie loves reading!

Easter was a hit with the cousins! More Easter fun
Annie caught on to this egg hunt
Looking forward to having a sister? "I love being an older sister!"
A walk through our neighborhood... Annie's favorite thing is swinging and
On a shopping trip at the Mall of America Walking with Dad
Party on the floor!

September '05-'06