Yesterday's Family Pictures

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Here is a great collection of "older" pictures that Grandma recently dug out of boxes.  They are really a treat to look at!


What a foxy lady!!  This is Grandma around                       Soldiers are always dashing and Grandpa was
1940.  Wasn't she a stylish woman!                                     no exception.  The back of the photo reads (in
Grandma said she would never go out                                 Grandma's handwriting) "The victorious Paul
without a hat and gloves.                                                    Wilson after single handedly winning the war."
                                                                                          Grandpa is in Italy in the picture.  

Another nice portrait of Grandma                                        Sitting in the back is Grandma having fun
              in the 1940's.                                                      at the beach.  The car is an especially nice

      Grandma claims to still have the nice riding pants                        A fun picture of Grandma (left) and
      she is wearing in the left of the picture.                                                         her sister Donna.

        What a cute family (Jodean, Sally, Paul,                                  A special picture of Grandpa and
         and Brad)! Hmmm, who is that pouting                                                     Jodean.
              in the bottom right corner?                         


                    Such a lovely family!!  What handsome boys!!  And who is that adorable girl
                                 in the back!!  Another great family portrait from the 1950's.


                                        Some more pictures of Grandma and Grandpa thru the years. (Here they are as Temple
                                                                                            President and Matron of the Chicago Temple.)


          Here is Grandma, Grandpa, Ida (their sister-in-law) and Grandpa's little brother Jerry

This is the BYU Faculty of 1891-92 on the steps of the BYU Academy (prior to its recent restoration!)
#8 is Ervin Alfred Wilson. (father of Robert Nathan, father of Paul, father of Paul Jr, father of Paul III).