New York City

One weekend a group of friends and I went to New York City.  We took to a Greyhound Bus up to the city from DC and stayed in a nice little hotel on Broadway and 50th. We walked everywhere except for the financial district.  We were able to do a lot of fun things and here's just a few of them.


            We all enjoyed an excellent dessert at Serendipity.  The frozen hot chocolates were amazing and the chocolate sundaes were unbelievable.  This is definitely my favorite eating establishment in NYC.  The picture on the left is the group leaving the restaurant while on the right is me, Laura and Robert enjoying our food.  


On the left us girls (L->R: Laura, Becky, Linsy, Robin, and Jenny) enjoying shopping for our $1.3 million engagement rings (Yeah Right!!).  On the left, Robert lends a shoulder on the Staton Island Ferry to a sleeping Robin, Laura and Laura Cannon after a long day of touring.   


Me, Becky, Billy, Rob and Laura have fun on the top of the Empire State Building during a thunderstorm.  It's a little exciting to look out into the lighting!  On the right the group takes a walk through Central Park.


Times Square was a crazy, busy place.  I thought it was pretty busy and packed full of crowds at 3 in the afternoon, but that was nothing to the mayhem that takes place there around midnight!!



On the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Laura Cannon and I get an excellent view of Central Park and the New York skyline.  On the right, I am in Rockefeller Plaza.


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