Fun in DC

I have had a wonderful time in DC touring with all my friends.  Here is a sampling of our good times.

Here is Laura, Kristen, Scott, Billy, me, Robin, Matt, Robert and Becky on the Mall with the Capital in the background.


On the left is me, Robin, Becky and Laura at the National Cathedral.  On right I am out to eat with Laura, Kate and Laura.


One day we went paddle boating in the Tidal Basin, which was a lot of fun.  In the background is the Jefferson Memorial.


Here we are being patriotic as we dine out at Union Station.  Next, the "Brazilians" pose in front of their Embassy.


Relaxing on the Mall is great fun!


On the Mall again, and at the Jefferson Memorial.


Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, is a fun place to visit.


                            Laura and I at Mount Vernon


                                   One of my favorite buildings in DC is the Library of Congress.

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