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My History:  fast facts=

  • born-  in St. Louis Park Minnesota

  • fourth child of six, third girl of five

  • lived in Minnesota while growing up-lived in the same house for the majority of my life

  • growing up I swam competitively and played basketball; also ran track two years in H.S., played soccer when I was younger

  • In High School: swimming captain, speech team captain, National Honor Society Officer, involved in Service Leadership, Editor-In-Chief of the school Newspaper

  • Attended Pilgrim Lane Elementary School, Plymouth Middle School, and Armstrong High School

  • physical description: tall, freckles, curly red hair


This is my family!

front row:     Laura & Mary

middle row:  Me, Mom, Dad, & Lisa

back row:     Jenny, Paul, & Sarah


There are six kids, two spouses and 3 grand-daughters! The order of the kids is: Paul, Laura, Jenny, Jane, Lisa, Mary. The biographies in age order:


DAD:        (Paul) co-founder of this family, owns Sight on Service, family cheerleader, in Minnesota

MOM:       (Ann) co-founder of this family, best cook, cheerleader with Dad, living in Plymouth Minnesota

PAUL:      29, married to Sarah, lives in Minnesota, works for IBM

SARAH:   28, favorite sister-in-law, Paul's wife, enjoys gardening, family lives in Texas; she is in Minnesota

LAURA:   24, engaged, senior at BYU-currently living in Provo, graduating in Humanities and Portuguese

ROBERT: 23, engaged to Laura, graduating in International Business with a minor in Chinese from BYU-living in Provo, from Rexburg Idaho

JENNY:   22, BYU graduate in International Politics with a minor in Communications, living in Minnesota, working for the Governor

ME:          find out about me on this site!

LISA:       18, senior in High School, volleyball state champ, school paper Editor-In-Chief, social Queen, at home in Minnesota

MARY:     15, youngest, sophomore in High School, JV volleyball star, most studious, still living in Minnesota


I completed my first 12

years of schooling in

Minnesota where I grew up.

After graduating in June of 2002 from Armstrong High School, I went out to college. I started at Brigham Young University (BYU) in the fall of 2002. BYU is located in the Western part of the United States in Provo, Utah, which is about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, UT. I am currently a Junior at BYU studying Recreation Management Youth Leadership with an emphasis in Leisure Services Management. My minor is Business Management.

Free Time:                               what I like to do when I am not studying...

There are lots of fun things I like to do when I have the chance.

  • Being with my family is on top of the list!!

  • While attending BYU I like to hang out with my sister and her fiancÚ (although that can only last so longJ).

I also like to:

  •  go out with my friends

  • talk

  • watch movies

  • play basketball

  • most other related college activities!

When I am home for the summer I like:

  • going to the lake and water skiing and tubing

  • Being outside

  • swimming

  • reading

  • relaxing

  • the numerous other things I find to occupy my time...

 Other Fun facts:
  • I enjoy high energy activities-such as skydiving (as seen in the above picture) I went sky diving in April of 2001 in Utah with some friends
  • I have also gone Bungee Jumping, gone on the ejection seat, surfed and other wild activities
  • I did a study abroad for 6 weeks in Tahiti, I lived with a family and took college classes
  • I have been able to go out of the country a few times and see parts of Europe (FUN!!)
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